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Shut up and Run Duterte

Events, especially crises, bring out leaders but great leaders shape events, so goes an old leadership dictum.
American President Franklin D. Roosevelt steered his country through the Great Depression and World War II and led the organization of the United Nations.
His Presidency shaped America into what it is today and established an organization of the world's nations where conflicts are settled.
He was a leader who shaped events.
On the other hand, housewife Corazon C. Aquino stood out from the among the Filipinos crying for justice and was elected President of the Philippines following the long years of Martial Law.
Her performance as President was not extra-ordinary, leaving behind a country which literally groped in darkness because of a national power crisis, but she is fondly remembered as the Mother of the Nation who responded to the calls of the people to serve as their inspiration.
Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte's story is combination of both. 
He is a leader who shaped eve…

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